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Rustic Vines Tours is still OPERATIONAL! Although closed at the moment and until further notice, we want to encourage hopes on


Until things get back to normal we are obviously aware that there’s no point for you guys to book a tour on a specific date… This is why Rustic Vines want you to think ahead, to think about the future, to think about travelling tomorrow.

Pick up your future tour and BUY A VOUCHER worth -20% less on our usual prices. When the crisis will be over, this voucher can be used whenever it pleases you WITH NO TIME FRAME ON WHEN YOU BOOK! This way, by staying home now, we can #TravelTomorrow.

This offer is valid until Rustic Vines will start operating tours again.


119.20€ per person instead of 149€ !

The Right & Left Bank Wine Tour

Discover 2 of the most famous wine regions of the world. Saint-Émilion and Médoc. Visit 2 contrasting Châteaux and historic sites. It also includes a tasty lunch and many wine tastings.



Starting at 104€ instead of 130€ !


Take a fun ride through the stunning vineyards, visit 2 Châteaux as well as our famous picnic lunch. Experience a guided walking tour of the UNESCO-listed village.



Starting at 63.20€ instead of 79€ !

The Famous Monk Wine Tour

Enjoy the comfort of the van as you tour the St-Emilion wine region, and its beautiful Chateaux. Tour the UNESCO-listed medieval village! It also includes a tasty lunch and many wine tastings.



119.20€ per person instead of 149€ !

The Right & Left Bank Wine Tour

Discover 2 of the most famous wine regions of the world. Saint-Émilion and Médoc. Visit 2 contrasting Châteaux and historic sites. It also includes a tasty lunch and many wine tastings.


If you've only got few time to explore Bordeaux vineyard, check out our half days tours available all year long ->

Private Custom Tours

You want to create your PRIVATE TOUR VOUCHER? For you and your beloved one, your friends and/or your family? IT IS POSSIBLE! Rustic Vines Tours would like you to be able to tailor made your own Voucher. Come exchange with our professional staff ready to create the best wine tour ever for you.

No 1 on TripAdvisor : Outdoor Activities Bordeaux

Famous Monk Tour
"I highly recommend this tour company! We had a really fun day learning all about wines from St. Emilion. We brought home so much knowledge and a new appreciation for fine French wine. We ended up ordering a bunch of great wines to enjoy at home! "
Lauren M
- TripAdvisor, March 2020
Right & Left Bank Tour
"We chose the full day tour with two regions to understand the differences. What a fantastic day! The first tasting was great with full explanations of what we were tasting and a nice variety of wines tasted, pushing our paletes!! "
- TripAdvisor, November 2019
Electric Bike Full Day Tour
"How better to spend a day than cruising through vineyards in the sunshine, tasting fine wine and enjoying a picnic lunch. Alan made the day enjoyable as well as educational. I would highly recommend this!"
Colin D
- TripAdvisor, August 2019

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Wine Region Blog Articles

Visit our blog to learn more about us and the beautiful Bordeaux region ! You love to travel and have a blog? We’d love to share your article on your Rustic Vines experience !

6 things you should know about Bordeaux’s Vineyards

Writer: Sara Harley


Hello fellow wine lovers! Whether you are a wine expert, collector or someone who has a little or no knowledge of wine, here is a list of 6 things you might want to know about the iconic Bordeaux wine region and its amazing viticultural traditions.

A great opportunity to impress and do something with your friends and family, or even better… treat yourself, to discover and taste … the uniqueness of this region wine once the lockdown is over!


1. The vineyards area are divided into 3 sections


I bet you didn’t know that right?

Bordeaux is located in the South-West region of France, and it’s also where the Gironde estuary –
the biggest estuary in Europe – splits into two rivers as you can see on the map below.

The Garonne River, located towards the South, crosses the city centre of Bordeaux whereas the
Dordogne River runs towards the North.

So Left-Bank is what we call the region located on the left side of the Gironde estuary and
the Garonne River. As you can then guess, the region located on the right side
of the Gironde estuary and the Dordogne River is therefore : Right-Bank.
Easy peasy!

The area between the two rivers is called Entre-Deux-Mers, more commonly known in English as : Between-Two-Seas. 


2. Appellation rather than Grape Varieties


Some of you might wonder what does appellation or AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) mean.

The initial creation of the Bordeaux appellation system began taking place in 1936. The purpose of
the AOC system, (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) which is used for food and other agricultural products makes very good sense. The purpose behind the AOC
system is simple.

When a product comes from one specific area, it’s the uniqueness of the place due, to its terroir
that gives the wine or other agricultural product its special character, style and identity. An appellation is a legally defined and protected area.

In Bordeaux there are more or less 64 different appellations that are planted on a wide variety of different soils and terroir. They represent a limited region (Saint-Emilion, Margaux, Pauillac etc.) where there are strict rules for wine production that must be followed by the winemaker.

We choose to use Appellation rather than Grape varieties due to the uniqueness of the Gironde area. The wine producers of Bordeaux, first and foremost, want people to understand the
uniqueness and individuality of this regions wine.

Instagram: hautbretonlarigaudiere


3. One word to describe it…. UNIQUE


Each wine region of France has its own particularities and traditional methods, which makes the wine so special everywhere you go. If you get the chance to travel to the variety of wine regions in France, have a look at the shape of the bottles: they change depending on the region! Their reason : sometimes it has reference to French history but most often it’s down to the shapes practicality.

In Bordeaux, there are several different grape varieties offered in the region, as a result, we mix and blend these grapes varieties together. In comparison to Burgundy for example, where they produce wine from only one single grape variety.

It’s the same story when looking at the wine colour, it’s also very different from region to region. Where Bordeaux wines are red, Burgundy wines get closer to a red ruby. Also the style of wine changes per region, some regions will produce fine, elegant wines, whereas Bordeaux produces are more complex, powerful and sometimes tannic wines. Come and see for yourself and compare the difference!


4. Do you know how many main red grapes varieties are found in Bordeaux?


You will find three main red grape varieties in this region: Cabernet Sauvignon, which also happens
to be the most popular grape variety in the world. Merlot, a fruity flavoured wine  and lastly Cabernet Franc.

In some Bordeaux regions it’s possible to find Malbec, in small quantities. This is very famous in Argentina.

From the Left-Bank to the Right-Bank, you have to opportunity to discover and compare two different Bordeaux style and blends.


5. Vintages which use a 0 to 5 grading system, are known to be the best in Bordeaux


Here is a good tip to remember when buying wine from this region:

When looking to buy a/some bottle/s to take back home! Since 1990, every five years produces
an excellent wine vintage for all 3 wine groups: red, white and rosé.

This is a pure coincidence.

A good vintage or a good year simple happens when all the best growing conditions coincide to
create a well balanced wine: good weather, good temperature, low disease impact through
the year.

Of course, prices are little bit higher for these amazing vintage bottles but the taste is worth it
guys! Just keep them in your cellar and in a cool area to save them for a special occasion. The best part: they get better with age!


6. Perfect winery location, here is where one of the world’s most expensive bottles of wine is produced!


It’s the wine that was served at Queen Elisabeth II’s wedding, it was also the Kennedy family’s
favourite wine… Can you guess what its name?

Château Petrus.

The starting cost for a bottle is around 2000€ and the price can increase according to the quality of
the vintage produced. This property is located in Pomerol Appellation, on  the Right-Bank of Bordeaux (the neighbour of the Saint-Emilion Appellation). Some people say Pomerol is the land of the expensive wines. Well, we don’t agree, as in Pomerol they do offer very
affordable wines that are still very good quality!



Are you interested in learning more about Bordeaux’s wonderful wines and visiting the regional vineyards? Buy a Voucher during lockdown and get 20% off on all our tours, there’s no time-limitation either! Why not visit an exciting, new destination when you for your next trip or day out after such a crazy, long but necessary lockdown.

Stay safe everyone! Cheers and hopefully see you soon.

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