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We’re pleased to announce that Rustic Vines Tours is running tours again despite the current Covid-19 crisis. We’ve prepared us to follow the sanitary rules in order to protect you, our employees and partners.

We’ve developed two new offers:


Group from 2 to 8 persons maximum.


Enjoy a private wine tour with your loved ones only !

Until things get back to normal we are aware that you might not feel comfortable booking a tour on a specific date so far. This why Rustic Vines want you to think ahead, to think about the future, to think about travelling tomorrow : 

By staying home now, we can #TRAVELTOMORROW



Take a fun ride through the stunning vineyards, visit 2 Châteaux as well as our famous picnic lunch. Experience a guided walking tour of the UNESCO-listed village.

Discover 2 of the most famous wine regions of the world. Saint Émilion and Médoc. Visit 2 contrasting Châteaux and historic sites. It also includes a tasty lunch and many wine tastings.


Discover 2 of the most famous wine regions of the world. Saint Émilion and Médoc. Visit 2 contrasting Châteaux and historic sites. It also includes a tasty lunch and many wine tastings.

Enjoy the comfort of the van as you Tour the Saint Emilion wine region, and its beautiful Châteaux. Tour the famous UNESCO-listed medieval village! It also includes a tasty lunch and many wine tastings.

Private Custom Tours

You want to create your PRIVATE TOUR VOUCHER? For you and your beloved one, your friends and/or your family? IT IS POSSIBLE! Rustic Vines Tours would like you to be able to tailor made your own Voucher. Come exchange with our professional staff ready to create the best wine tour ever for you.


*If you’re too unsure to choose a date yet, book your tour now and pick your date later by contacting us.

No 1 on TripAdvisor : Outdoor Activities Bordeaux

Famous Monk Tour
"I highly recommend this tour company! We had a really fun day learning all about wines from St. Emilion. We brought home so much knowledge and a new appreciation for fine French wine. We ended up ordering a bunch of great wines to enjoy at home! "
Lauren M
- TripAdvisor, March 2020
Right & Left Bank Tour
"We chose the full day tour with two regions to understand the differences. What a fantastic day! The first tasting was great with full explanations of what we were tasting and a nice variety of wines tasted, pushing our paletes!! "
- TripAdvisor, November 2019
Electric Bike Full Day Tour
"How better to spend a day than cruising through vineyards in the sunshine, tasting fine wine and enjoying a picnic lunch. Alan made the day enjoyable as well as educational. I would highly recommend this!"
Colin D
- TripAdvisor, August 2019

See for yourself what everyone is saying...


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