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6 things you should know about Bordeaux’s Vineyards

Writer: Sara Harley Hello fellow wine lovers! Whether you are a wine expert, collector or someone who has a little or no knowledge of wine, here is a list of 6 things you might want to know about the iconic … Read More

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[WEBSERIE] WINEMAKER’S PORTRAIT : Château Coutet, a historical place

Adrien David Beaulieu is a Winemaker in Saint-Emilion, and he is also part of the family, since the 14th generation. Château Coutet, where he lives, is located in an area surrounded by prestigious Châteaux such as Angelus. His vineyard is … Read More

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Americas Cup Barcelona meets Bordeaux wines

Americas Cup Barcelona meets Bordeaux wines. A Journey. Welcome, sailing fans and wine enthusiasts, to a great journey. Americas Cup Barcelona meets Bordeaux wines. Join us as we explore the perfect fusion because we have found the ideal blend of … Read More

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best destination for the olympics 2024 in france

France for the Olympics 2024? Think Bordeaux!

A Perfect Escape from the Bustle of Paris Olympics 2024 As the excitement for the Paris Olympics 2024 reaches a fever pitch, there’s an enchanting destination waiting to be discovered just a train ride away, so what is there do … Read More

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Bordeaux Wine Tours During The 2024 Olympics in Paris

As the world’s eyes turn to Paris for the 2024 Olympics, a grand celebration of sportsmanship and unity, there lies an opportunity for visitors to expand their French adventure beyond the City of Light. While visitors arrive for the excitement … Read More

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Sauternes private wine tour

Experience Traditional French Winemaking in Historical Bordeaux

This corner of France, known for producing some of the world’s most exquisite wines, has long upheld a tradition of winemaking that dates back centuries. With Rustic Vines Wine Tours, you’re invited to step into this world where ancient practices … Read More

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English-speaking Guided Wine Tours in Bordeaux: Uncover the Region with Local Experts

Bordeaux, a name that resonates with wine lovers around the globe, is a region steeped in viticultural history and unparalleled beauty. However, the true essence of Bordeaux, with its intricate wine tapestries and rich heritage, often lies in the stories … Read More

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Bordeaux wine tours by van

Family-friendly Wine Tours in the Bordeaux Region: A Journey for All Ages

Imagine exploring the picturesque vineyards of Bordeaux, a region globally revered for its wines, with the entire family in tow. Traditionally seen as a haven for wine aficionados, Bordeaux, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, also opens its arms … Read More

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Exploring the Charm of Off-Season Bordeaux: A Guide to Small Group Wine Tours In The Winter

Ah, Bordeaux! Synonymous with world-class wines and sun-kissed summers. But ever wondered about the magic that the winter off-season bestows upon this world-renowned wine capital? You may not know that the allure of Bordeaux extends beyond sunny vineyard tours; its … Read More

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Bordeaux wine bike tours

Bordeaux on a Budget: Affordable Wine Tours You Can’t Miss

Bordeaux, with its world-renowned vineyards and legendary chateaux, might conjure up images of luxury and opulence. But here’s a little secret: you don’t need to break the bank to savor the magic of this wine capital. In fact, Bordeaux invites guests with a wide array of wine tour options that are as kind to your palate as they are to your pocket! At Rustic Vines, we’re all about helping you make the most of your Bordeaux getaway without overspending. … Read More

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Private Romantic Wine Tours in Bordeaux for Couples

Imagine toasting to your love while standing in the stunning vineyards of Bordeaux, with the perfect blend of privacy, elegance, and romance. Rustic Vines Wine Tours has curated the ultimate romantic experience for couples seeking to escape the ordinary. From private tours of grand chateaux to customized photography sessions, our romantic wine tours offer the ideal setting for love to blossom. … Read More

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Winter in Bordeaux: A Guide to Wine Tours, Chateaux Visits, and Christmas Markets

Winter in Bordeaux is a season filled with charm and romance. While many visitors flock to this beautiful French city in the summer, guests who choose the winter months find themselves amidst a delightful blend of holiday cheer, quiet vineyards, and intimate châteaux experiences. You might not know it, but beautiful Bordeaux in winter is a fabulous destination that allows wine lovers to find a whole new perspective on their favorite French beverage. … Read More

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Napoleon Winter Tour
"As promised in my previous review in 2017 where we had the Famous Monk tour, I did not hesitate to book another tour with Rustic Vines. This time I booked the Napoleon Medoc Winter Tour for myself and a couple of friends. We were not disappointed. Our guide Thomas was very knowledgeable. We visited 2 chateaux, one in Saint-Estephe and another in Margaux, a wine merchant and had a very good lunch at Restaurant Le Savoie, a pleasant surprise since we did not expect that a lunch included in a tour would be that good."
Custom Wine Tour
"This tour was a treat from start to finish. It was particularly special because it accommodated my niece (6 years) and my nephew (3 years). Our tour guide, Julie, was fantastic. Julie provided lots of interesting and helpful information about the Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, wine, wine making, architecture and the history of the region. I would highly recommend Rustic Vines and Julie!"
Famous Monk Tour
"An excellent tour with a very knowledgeable guide. (...) We had a picnic lunch, excellent narration by a young man who is studying wine-making, a tour of two vineyards and a surprise picnic at the end of the tour with wine, bread, cheese, and sausages. We walked around St Emiliion, an old city that was originally a monastery. A good variation of riding, walking, and sitting in a beautiful countryside."
Christel P
- TripAdvisor, Jul 2018