Vegetarian-friendly Bordeaux Wine Tours: Chateaux Visits and French Picnics Without Meat

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Do you dream of exploring the Bordeaux countryside but worry your vegetarian lifestyle might not mix with France’s famous cuisine? We’ve got you covered! At Rustic Vines, we’re all about creating inclusive, delicious, and memorable experiences for everyone.

Join us on our vegetarian-friendly Bordeaux wine tours. Set in the breathtaking vineyards of Bordeaux, France, our tours are not only about the fantastic wine but also celebrate the richness of vegetarian cuisine without compromising the authenticity of the French culinary experience.

A Vegetarian-friendly French Wine Tour in Bordeaux

Experience a unique, vegetarian-friendly Bordeaux wine journey with Rustic Vines. Let’s explore Bordeaux’s enchanting vineyards together, where each château tells a different story, each path leads to a new discovery, and each experience is thoughtfully curated for our vegetarian friends.

We take you through a patchwork of world-famous Bordeaux vineyards, stopping at well-renowned châteaux with fascinating histories. The tour is not just about the beautiful sights; we ensure that your vegetarian preferences are embraced throughout your journey.

The Importance of Offering Vegetarian-Friendly Options in France

We live in a world where everyone is becoming more conscious of their choices. The rise of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles has brought about a significant change in our diets, a change that should not limit one’s travel experiences. Especially not in France, a country well-known for its rich, diverse, and, let’s admit it, traditionally meat-heavy culinary culture.

This is where Rustic Vines Tours steps in to help with options. We see the challenge and raise it with our solution – a French gastronomical and Bordeaux wine tour that is just as enjoyable for vegetarians. It’s an inclusive experience that respects and caters to your dietary choices.

The Vegetarian-Friendly French-Style Picnic

Imagine a French-style picnic, a spread of delectable dishes laid out on a checkered cloth amidst a stunning vineyard or behind a prestigious Château. Now imagine it without the charcuterie but with equally tasty and authentic French vegetarian options.

That’s what our tour brings to the table, or rather, to the picnic blanket. Artisanal cheeses, an assortment of fresh bread, a variety of locally-sourced olives, ripe tomatoes warmed by the sun, crisp radishes, and other freshly picked vegetables make up your picnic, all paired with the perfect wine.

The Châteaux Visits: Bordeaux Wine Tours for Everyone

Each château in our tour is a marvel, with its character, history, and dedication to making exquisite wines. We’ll guide you through ancient cellars and sprawling vineyards, helping you discover the intricate process behind each bottle of wine.

You may have heard the misconception that all wines are vegetarian-friendly. However, traditional wine-making processes can use animal-derived products. At Rustic Vines, we understand this concern and ensure that the wines you taste during our tour are 100% vegetarian-friendly.

Previous Vegetarian Guests LOVE Our Tours

Our past vegetarian guests have left some lovely notes for us, and their reviews are a testament to our commitment to providing the best Bordeaux wine tour possible every time!

One happy guest said, “My husband and I LOVED this tour! We were on a cruise that stopped in Bordeaux but chose to do this tour, which was not offered by the cruise ship, and we are SO HAPPY we did. Our guide Julie took the 6 of us in a mini-van to Saint Emilion where we stopped at two wineries that make different styles of wine and a wine bar to taste less well-known wines. Being from California, we love wine so learning about what the rules the wineries have to adhere to in order to be called “Bordeaux” wines was very enlightening. Besides tasting wine, we learned of the 300-year-old history of these wineries and their families and met the owner of one of them who took us on the tour of her estate. The day ended with a gourmet picnic on the patio overlooking the vineyards at the last chateau, drinking their wine and eating the cheese, pate, prosciutto, crackers, and fruit Julie provided. It was a fabulous day! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOUR AND THIS GUIDE.”

Another shared, “We had a lovely time on the Famous Monk Tour. Our guide, Lauren, provided lots of interesting information en route to the first winery and organized our picnic lunch and afternoon snacks. The two wineries we visited were wonderful and the wine tasting was, of course, excellent! It was great that the two wineries were very different in terms of size. The visit to the wine merchant was also enjoyable and informative.” These kind words keep us motivated to offer the best experiences for everyone, regardless of dietary choices.

Just The Beginning

Our vegetarian-friendly Bordeaux wine tour is more than just a trip; it’s an experience. It’s our commitment to you to provide an adventure that’s unique, inclusive, and unforgettable.
Being a vegetarian should not limit your experiences, especially in a land as gastronomically rich as France. With Rustic Vines, your vegetarian lifestyle isn’t a barrier; it’s an invitation to explore new and delightful culinary paths.

Are you ready for a wine tour that respects your dietary choices and celebrates them? Book your vegetarian-friendly wine tour in Bordeaux today through our website, or contact us for more information.
At Rustic Vines, every dietary preference is a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. We can’t wait to share this exciting journey with you!

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