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What’s NEW for the 2018 season

We have never been more excited than now at Rustic Vines. Why? Because we want to show our worldwide audience the new tours we have created starting April 1st and explain why. Of course, we still have the tried and tested original tours because why fix something when it is not broken. Here we provide an overview … Continue reading What’s NEW for the 2018 season

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Former Guide blends his passion

Expat Rob loves bikes. In 2016 he played an integral part in the development of our Bordeaux by Bike Tour which is a great 2.5 guided tour on beach cruiser bikes around the best sites of the historical city of Bordeaux. During the tour you will even taste some wine, which Rob says was obligatoire in … Continue reading Former Guide blends his passion

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You heard it from: E & T Abroad

Click below to read article about this cool couples experience with Rustic Vines. France – Vineyard visit and wine tasting in Bordeaux with Rustic Vines

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Rustic Vines & Co’

If someone traveled to Bordeaux in a dream, they will wake up to astonishing blue sea, lush French countryside and most definitely a taste of the world’s best wines. And if someone was to travel to Bordeaux in reality, Rustic Vines blends all these elements into what Trip Advisor has been calling the number one … Continue reading Rustic Vines & Co’

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Bordeaux’s Appellations – Left or Right (Bank), what’s the difference?

Bordeaux appellations can be confusing… It’s happened to more people than would care to admit it. The mutual embarrassment and eagerness to move on from the situation. This was supposed to be easy right? But no. It’s turned into an ordeal which could so easily have been avoided if you knew what you were getting … Continue reading Bordeaux’s Appellations – Left or Right (Bank), what’s the difference?

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